Our Company has been started operating from 1992. Initially, we dealt with the sale and assembly of construction woodwork, then we started the production of wooden windows and doors. Due to the market’s needs, in 2010 we re-arranged for the production of metal joinery elements, today also PVC. At the same time, we have made significant investments in real estate as well as machinery and equipment, which currently constitute the technological base of the production plant. This facility is used in current operations and gradually modernized in order to maintain the company’s competitiveness and adapt to the dynamically changing market.

The total value of fixed assets purchased during this period and investments in company development from 2011 to the end of 2015 amounted to over 1 000 000.00 PLN Currently, we produce aluminum and PVC carpentry. Most of the production we sell mainly to the French, Belgian and Luxembourgian markets, which accounts for about 80% of revenues.

At the same time, we also carry out assembly of devices, construction of installations at the request of contractors. Thanks to the experience gained and numerous contacts, we are able to propose and implement any technical solution from commonly used materials from which windows are made, including refractory and steel constructions and curtain systems of facades.

Thanks to the success of the company, as part of the development, in 2017 we decided to invest again in a new project with EU support. The operation consisted in the purchase of machinery and equipment and software enabling the start of modern production of PVC windows and doors as well as blinds. We have definitely introduced the latest technological solutions available on the market. The purchased machines are the newest in the industry of production of windows, doors and roller shutters available on the market, they meet all quality, ecological and safety standards, both national and European.

The innovative factor in the offered products is the way they are made based on modern software that enables personalization (individualization of the order) of production and service. We offer a complete product – ready to be assembled by a assembly company, in the understanding that the end product is made up of a window with a roller shutter, guides and often with an external window sill. All window elements – including blinds – will be prepared in such a way that they can be mounted completely, immediately. The window will “leave” the factory with the roller blind, guides and window sill already installed. In companies that are our competitors, it is impossible to execute such orders, you can only buy goods produced separately, for self-assembly at the construction site.

Our undoubted advantage is the possibility of assembly by our own experienced professionals who know the product and technology. We have our own transport, own 3-5 people, fully equipped assembly teams. Our people work on the implementation of investments also outside of Poland, so they know the burden of responsibility for the product being installed.