The system is designed for the Dutch market with a depth of 120 mm.

The BLOCKPROFIL NL system is used to build “Dutch” windows. Blockprofili systems are distinguished by the use of 120 mm wide frames, which can be combined with various variants of sash (non-faced, half-faced and flush) with a width of 70 mm. Steel reinforcement with large dimensions allow the construction of large windows, while maintaining static requirements. Very wide frames, equipped with external rebates allow for easy and aesthetic installation of windows in a building made of face brick (clinker) without additional masonry treatment.

The system also includes profiles for constructing windows and doors that open to the outside, placed in one frame with quarters standing glazed or opening inwards. An additional element that distinguishes the Blockprofil NL system is its color scheme. The profiles of this package, apart from the standard white color (9016) and decorative veneer, are found in the cream color (9001) often required by customers.

Technical specification – system BLOCKPROFIL NL