IDEAL 40000

More possibilities. A 5-6 chamber system with a building depth of 70 – 85 mm, with external sealing and the possibility of using glazing up to 41 mm wide, offering a wide range of profile combinations.

Series of IDEAL 4000 profiles combine the most modern technology with the highest comfort of living. The strong construction of profiles with a depth of 70-85 mm and large chambers for steel reinforcements guarantee optimal static parameters and enable the construction of large-size windows. The multi-chamber structure provides high thermal and acoustic insulation. The original and harmonious design, combined with the great wealth of system solutions, give you unlimited possibilities to create windows and underline your own style. The universal IDEAL 4000 system works well both in modern architecture of single- and multi-family housing as well as in the case of renovation. In the latter case, where it is often impossible to enlarge the window opening, a particularly important advantage is the reduced height of the frame and sash, which increases the glazing area and allows more light into the rooms.

Classic, elegant lines in slender profiles with distinct contours of the unpublished version is a guarantee of timeless elegance. For those looking for unique possibilities to create their windows, the Round-line series was created, distinguished by delicate optics and gentle curves. Different types of glazing beads allow for additional stylization of the window and matching the character of the interior.

The IDEAL 4000 85 mm variant available as part of this series is a system that combines the most popular solutions with an external seal with a six-chamber construction frame with a depth of 85 mm, allowing for better thermal insulation of windows. This is a guarantee of the highest standard based on a proven and appreciated by the market product. The perfect choice of forms at the same time makes the windows in this line a perfect element in interior design, which get an original and unconventional look.

Technical specification – IDEAL 4000 system

Depth of installation: 70-85 mm
Width of the frame / sash assembly: od 102 mm
Maximum thickness of the glazing unit: 41 mm
Number of chambers: 5-6
Sealing system: middle (2 seals)
Reinforcement system: steel
Available profile’s stylistic: classic-line, soft-line, round-line
Heat transfer coefficient: Uf=1,3 – 1,4W/m2K
Resistance to wind: C4*
Water resistance: 9A*
Air permeability: 4*
Sound insulation with glazing 4/16/4 34(-2;-5)dB
Maximum acoustic insulation: 45(-1;-3)dB*
bonding inside technology: yes
Foaming possibility: yes
Interchangeable seals: yes