Windows opened outside, intended for the British market. Five-chamber profiles with a depth of 70 mm.

The perfect form of the IDEAL 70 series combines the latest technology with the highest comfort of the apartment. Harmonious shapes, strong construction and attractive design are a guarantee of timeless elegance.

The gentle curves and slants allow you to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and the highest expectations of the user. The system provides the possibility of glazing with glazing packages up to 40 mm wide, both from the outside and from the inside. The system profiles are supplied with gaskets, which saves time when machining them and increases productivity. The attractiveness of the system is enhanced by a wide range of various types of additional profiles, connectors and extensions.

The IDEAL 70 window system has all the necessary documents allowing it to be used and traded in Great Britain, including the Kitemark certificate, which is highly valued and popular among the British, confirming the conformity of the product with the local standards. It is issued by the British Standards Institution.

Technical specification – IDEAL 70 system

Depth of installation: 70 mm
Width of the frame / sash assembly: 109 / 119 mm
Maximum thickness of the glazing unit: 40 mm
Number of chambers: 5
Sealing system: outer (2 seals)
Reinforcement system: steel
Available profile’s stylistic: standard
Uf factor: 1,4 W/m2K
Bonding inside technology: no
Foam usage: no
Interchangeable seals: yes
Compatibility with other products: