Strong entrance. Six-chamber system with a construction depth of 85 mm with the possibility of filling up to 51 mm in width.

The IDEAL 7000 series opens new possibilities in the production of external doors. Thanks to the multi-chamber construction, the construction depth of 85 mm and the possibility of using glass packages and fillings up to 50 mm wide, the thermal insulation parameters of the structure have been significantly improved, reaching Uf up to 1.2 W / m2K.
As part of the system solution, there is a low door sill with a height of 20 mm, which corresponds to the requirements for buildings without architectural barriers and enables easy entry and exit.

Specially shaped threshold feet allow you to connect with additional system profiles, such as extensions. A wide aluminum drip cap effectively drains water to the outside.

Exterior doors aluplast Ideal 7000 with overlay filling covering the sash profile

As part of the Ideal 7000 series, a new system solution is available for exclusive entry doors with an elegant and simple design. Thanks to the new door profile, dedicated to external doors with overlay fillings covering the plane of the wing, the aluplast entrance doors meet the high aesthetic requirements set by architects.

The new solution for external doors has been developed in consultation with all leading filler manufacturers. The result: thanks to the reduced wing depth of 4 mm to 81 mm, all popular fillings can be used without a gasket replacement at the system profile depth of 85 mm..

  • Mounting depth 85mm
  • Unique thermal parameters (value of Uf = 1.2 W/m²K)
  • Steel reinforcements with large cross sections guarantee appropriate static and strength parameters
  • The thickness of the glazing or panel filling up to 51 mm
  • Delicate design with a wing height of only 116 mm
  • Optimized, new external seal system in the frame and post
  • The external sealing system allows the mounting of massive hooks
  • Low aluminum threshold with thermal break